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Introducing MiniGenius

MiniGenius is an Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme that is informed by peer-reviewed research from fields such as pedagogy, cognitive science, neuroscience and also nutritional science. Our aim is to develop each child to their full potential. Research consistently highlighted the importance of Early Childhood Development (ECD) in laying a proper foundation for achieving success at school. With this in mind, MiniGenius is developed and continuously updated to ensure that children acquire the physical, emotional and cognitive skills that they will need to transition to primary school and beyond.

Our Philosophy

Our approach to the development of teaching and learning material is significantly informed by research. Over the past 30 years, the scientific understanding of how learning happens has grown in leaps and bounds. A significant contributor to making this research accessible to educators was the increasing collaboration between researchers from different fields of study such as cognitive science, neuroscience and pedagogy. This, in turn, led to the interdisciplinary field known as “Mind, Brain and Education” and popular international conferences such as “Learning and the Brain”. Both of these increased awareness and knowledge of how the human brain actually learns and what it means for everyday teaching practice.

Because of the progress made with learning research over the past few years, we now have an even better understanding of the importance of foundational knowledge (and therefore the work done in pre-school) for future academic success. For instance, we know that it is extremely difficult for children who fall behind during their early years in terms of vocabulary development to catch up with their peers later on.

MiniGenius was developed within this context. We want to ensure that our children have the best chance of success later in life because we provide them with a comprehensive Early Childhood Development programme that does the following:

  • Ties in with and prepares children for both the ISASA and CAPS primary school curriculum;

  • Takes cognisance of their personal development milestones (physical, emotional and cognitive);

  • Partners with skilled professionals like speech therapists, occupational therapists and dieticians;

  • Provides a healthy menu that ensures children receive the nutrients needed for their physical, emotional and cognitive development.

Finally, at MiniGenius we actively promote a partnership model with our parents. Only by working together as a team can we ensure that each child reaches her or his full potential.


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